About us

About us

TestLive is a very effective test and assessment platform which is established in 2016.TestLive gives students an opportunity to attempt different types of test with different level of toughness. It helps student to get comfortable with different level of actual exam. Our online Test Series will give an benefit to students to evaluate and review themselves before attempting actual exam. It includes all the exam which are now online like GATE, SSC, Indian Railways Banking,Engineering and Medical.

Testlive provides a platform for Institue and Tutors to conduct the online test for their students for their assesment.

Details Of TestLive:

Test Objective:

Our objective is to provide yearlong constant practice with the feasible coverage of the topics, chapter and units as per the syllabus. Our test pattern and level is organised and scientific elevates the academic levels of the student.

Test Descripion:

Test provided by TestLive online test series for GATE SSC Indian Railways and IBPS are based on the latest pattern and teaching methodology. Additionally you can compete and compare yourself with the best brains of the nation. This would assist you know your actual preparation level and find out how much more effort is essential to do well.